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Corporate Entertainment

Bring your message to life!

Are you seeking to strengthen your brand value, introduce a new product, or reinvigorate your international sales team? We offer an array of corporate entertainment ideas that can be tailored to your brand, product, and messaging goals.


AI driven media for your message

Eclipse is a visually stunning spectacle that promotes brand-driven content for activations and corporate messaging worldwide.


Your message in silhouette

ECLIPSE is a thrilling performance group that blends motion graphics with dance and acrobatics all in silhouette.  The artists perform behind a large backlit screen to create beautiful imagery from landscapes and monuments to majestic African wildlife and more.  


In addition, ECLIPSE is a perfect way to engage corporate audiences to drive brand awareness, launch a product, or share a message in beautiful fashion.



A soul-shaking drum spectacular

Imagine for a moment, an incredible blend of thunderous drums, inspiring musical compositions, and acrobatic dancers kicking off your program. Our percussionists showcase a spectacular array of unique and custom-made instruments, captivating audiences young and old.  Contact us for more information on incorporating a soul-shaking percussion orchestra into your next event. 

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