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About Us

Mark Joseph Entertainment is a team of creative professionals dedicated to delivering remarkable live entertainment for our clients around the world.

Mark Howell, CEO and Sr. Creative Producer at Mark Joseph Creative
Mark Howell
CEO, Sr. Creative Producer
+1 310-804-6667
Terrianne Butac, Hawaii Event Manager at Mark Joseph Creative
Terrianne Butac
Event Manager - Hawaii
+1 808-542-4287
Charlotte Hoffman, Event Manager at Mark Joseph Creative
Charlotte Hoffman
Event Manager - SoCal
Desi Jevon, Choreographer at Mark Joseph Creative
Desi Jevon
Jonathan and Oksana, Choreographers at Mark Joseph Creative
Jonathan & Oksana
Gena Cristiani, Costume Designer at Mark Joseph Creative
Gena Cristiani
Costume Designer
Lori Lee Jacobson, Costume Designer at Mark Joseph Creative
Lori Lee Jacobson
Costume Designer



Our mission is to push the creative frontiers of event production, combining innovative artistry with cutting-edge technology to create unique, memorable experiences. As a trusted partner, we go beyond mere entertainment booking; we immerse ourselves in understanding your vision and goals, ensuring every event is a seamless, bespoke spectacle that sets new standards in guest experience. At Mark Joseph Creative, we don't just produce events; we craft unforgettable moments that resonate with innovation, elegance, and an unwavering commitment to excellence."




Today, you can find almost any kind of entertainment you’re looking for online.  You will see the same singers, dancers, acrobats, speakers, and bands working for twenty different entertainment companies and agencies, except for a few “exclusive” acts, and even that is questionable.  I guarantee you have seen the same acts/artists/performers on multiple proposals over the years, so why work with Mark Joseph Entertainment?  


We believe in three core values that separate us from everyone else; Cultivate Relationships, Develop Meaningful Creativity, and Deliver with Flawless Execution.


We are first and foremost relationship-driven. We take great pride in learning about each client as a person, company, or organization.  We pay close attention to how they work, and how they receive information, and understand each client's needs, their goals for the project, and how we can best be of service to them.  We get to know each client and how they work, what they like and do not like and that helps us advocate for each client.


We believe in exploring creativity and building upon each other's ideas as a collective team.  The right entertainment is discovered by understanding the goals of each event or program.  What do we want the guests to experience, what emotions consciously or subconsciously do we want the guests to feel and take away after the event?  Are we telling the story of a brand, or a product, creating a feeling of pride and success for an incentive program?  Exploring creativity and how the entertainment cohesively fits the narrative of the program far supersedes just presenting random entertainment.  Your event is worth more than that, and we value and respect each event and its purpose.


We have all put hundreds of hours into your special event, and the delivery of the production large or small must be executed flawlessly.  We have been in the entertainment business for over 30 years and our experience shines.  We believe that “Crafting a Memorable Experience” starts with the client’s experience with us and our process from the beginning.  It’s the overall experience from introduction to post-project meeting.  It’s important to make the process as painless and as streamlined as possible for you, our client.  

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