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We provide the best Sand Artists from around the world.  Sand artists can narrate an entire story by drawing a clear and detailed illustration with sand.


Our artists can perform live at your event or pre-record performances to save on costs. Sand artists are the perfect entertainment idea to promote your brand, product and or message in a visually engaging fashion.

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Joe Castillo is an expert on crafting your story in the best way. He has applied his creative genius to the challenge of communication. His unique content stimulates the mind, creative SandStories capture the eye, powerful music engages the ear and success stories grip the heart.

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Lawrence Koh – International sand art virtuoso and multi-disciplinary artist specialized in both the visual art and the performing art. Utilizing an awe-inspiring combination of sand, music and light, Lawrence has created countless stories during his local and international performances.

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Charlene Lanzel's sand animation, sometimes known as sand art, sand drawing or sand painting, is beautiful to look at but lasts only in the moment. It is sand storytelling that makes life and time flow by, right before your eyes. Perhaps what makes this art form so appealing, aside from its beauty, is its fragility and ephemeral nature.

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