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Immersive Interactive Characters are a wonderful way to keep your guests entertained throughout your special event!  From costume-themed models or stilt walkers who greet your guests upon arrival to branded aerialists pouring Champagne from above, your guests will never be bored of the variety of entertainment we have to offer for all party themes and event themes.   
Take your event to the next level with Interactive Characters!

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Enhance your guest experience with any one of a variety of aerial performers.  From aerial champagne servers, themed costumed aerialist to compliment your event or decor to thrilling live performances.


What a way to greet your guests as they arrive.  A beautiful red carpet that leads to a stunning model to welcome them.


We offer a variety of themed stilt walkers to engage your guests and elevate your guest experience.

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We have a best USO themed characters and costumes to liven up your event and bring a sense of time and place that will delight your guests.  We have characters in Hawaii, San Diego and Los Angeles and can travel anywhere you are hosting your special event.

1920's GATSBY

It's 2020 and the Roaring 20's are back!  If you are looking for authentic 1920's costumed talent or a modern take on the style, we have everything you need for your Gatsby or Roaring 20's party!


Discover the opulence and beauty of Bollywood through stunning costumes, performance and the hospitality of our beautiful performers.


Get groovy with 1960's characters that interact and party with your guests.  They are great for photo opportunities to party pumping and keeping the energy high!


Imagine stunning masquerade characters roaming your party or greeting your guests.  Opulent, couture, extravagant and breath-taking are the memories your guests will take with them.


Who could imagine how fun, couture and outrageous food themed costumes could be.  These are perfect for harvest parties, healthy living events, product based events and more.


Excite your guests with characters from their favorite movies.  We have a variety of Hollywood themed costumes for your next event.

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