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Gatsby Live

Step back in time to the roaring 1920s, where jazz, fashion, and lavish parties reign supreme. Join us tonight as we invite you into the opulent Long Island mansion of the iconic Jay Gatsby!


Experience the ultimate entertainment spectacle as stunning flapper girls, mesmerizing singers, and a lively band surround you, keeping the party in full swing. With Gatsby, your guests will not only be immersed in the glamour of the era, but they will also witness the finest talent the industry has to offer.


Our unrivaled production elements, including spectacular costumes, breathtaking choreography, and stunning staging and lighting, will transport your audience to the height of the Jazz Age. Gatsby offers the highest level of entertainment, leaving your guests yearning for more.


If you're seeking an entertainment extravaganza that captures the essence of the 1920s, then look no further than Gatsby's. Get ready for a night of swanky fun and revelry!

Interactive 1920's Characters

If you are hosting a 1920's or Gatsby themed event our interactive dancers and actors are a perfect way to help immerse your guests into the time period.  Our performers will liven up any party and give your guests a memorable experience they will never forget!

Ready To Get Started?

Contact us now and see what we can create for your next event!

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